Sunday, 12 December 2010

Face to Face Interview

On the 30th of October I got another emailing from Yummy Jobs....

Dear Rebecca

Many thanks for taking time in the pre-screen interview for the Walt Disney
World International Programs.  We were impressed by your performance and
are delighted to invite you to the next interview stage.

Your interview will be held on Monday November 8th 2010 at the
Robert Gordon University, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7QG
– Room 226 in the Business School.

Before the interview I had to complete an online application form, get forms signed by my uni and look out 101 documents to prove I was in fact Rebecca Ripley. When I say I looked out the forms I mean my dad did :) 

On the morning of the interview I arrived at Robert Gordons about 9.40 dressed to impress in my suit. At 10am a presentation about the program was given by Jill, the Disney World recruiter who came all the way from Florida. We watched a very cheesy video about the program and the participants. One guy who was just sooooo thrilled to be a Disney and he loved how his apartment came with its own POTS AND PANS...woooooooooo!!!!!!

After the presentation I was given my interview time, 13.20. Until then I sat with a few other applicants and completed the role checklist. This involved deciding which roles we were interested in doing and rating our preferences. I ticked 8 boxes out of about 12, ( didn't really fancy bell service much lol).

Nearer my interview time, I went to sit outside the room with the other applicants and showed the Yummy Jobs team all my paper work. After that, I met the guy who would be getting interviewed at the same time as me. I forget his name (sorry). We were interviewed by Jill who gave the presentation in the morning. She seem so enthusiastic about meeting us and had the biggest Disney smile on her face the whole time we were in the room. She took it in turns to ask why we thought we would be suitable to work for Disney, tell her about past work experience and explain what roles we had selected and why. That was it!!!!!!!!!! We were only in for about 10 minutes.

It was hard to tell how I had done but I had my fingers crossed some magic would be coming my way soon !

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