Thursday, 16 December 2010

The countdown begins.....

OK so it has been two weeks since I found out I am going to Disney and I have literally not stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen, regardless if they want to or not :) So Since I found out I have had to complete a Criminal check form to make sure I am well behaved, which obviously I am. 55 quid it costs ....My Christmas present to myself yay!

Also been looking at flights which again will be my birthday and Xmas present to myself for 20 years, totally worth it though. Planning going B.A from Edinburgh via Gatwick and think I may have found, as Woody would say, "A moving buddy". :) Just going to wait until B.A hopefully have a sale on Xmas day to see if I can get a bargain.

On Tuesday I had a online meeting with someone from the Yummy Jobs office in Canada. About 20 ICP people logged on, some with microphones, a bit like Skype so I am told. We were basically told all the important things we had to do before we go, things to bring with us and what would happen when we arrive in Orlando. We were also told to read the documents that had been uploaded on our Yummy Job accounts, which included a step by step guide of everything we had to do before arriving and about applying for a Visa. I am going to be busy, that's all I'm saying!!!!

In between writing my uni essays I have been on the ICP facebook group chatting to all the other ICP people, just getting to know who everyone is, what role they will be doing and when they are heading to Disney. It has been really good to chat to people who are just as excited as me......makes me more excited.

Anyway that's all for now folks ;)  xxxx

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  1. Congratulations on getting into the Summer College Programme Rebecca! Hope you have an amazing time :-)

    Fionna (Parris - the Dibb) x