Friday, 22 April 2011

update- 57 days to go....

OK so since the last update I have received my Disney pack!!! :)

The pack contained all the important info about applying for a visa, info about working and living in Disney. One of the things about working was a "Disney Look" book which basically tells you how to present yourself at work.

....this page gave me a laugh - acceptable moustaches LOL!

I have booked my visa appointment for the 5th of May in London. At the appointment I will have to present a number of forms with my details, what I intend to do when in Orlando etc. I have finally completed the massive online form and paid the approriate fees. So all I have to do now is attend the embassy where I will hopefully (pretty please) get my visa.

I have also been extremely busy SHOPPING.... :) :) :) I decided to put everything I have so far in a case to see what else I need (Not much). So far I have packed 13 bikinis :o, about 25 pairs of shorts, loads of tops, somes flip flips, sandles etc, sun glasses and a few more bits and bobs..... Defo going to need another suitcase !

Next update I will hopefully have a visa