Friday, 24 June 2011

Im in Disney !!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone, so I have now been in Orlando for five full days now and loving it!!! This blog may be long but lots of exciting stuff has been happening so enjoy.......

So on Sunday the 19th of June at 3am, after about one hours sleep, I woke up and got ready for the 2 and a half hour drive to the airport......I had my two suitcases packed and was ready to go!

At Edinburgh airport after dropping my bags of I sat with my Mum and Dad for a while, until Karyn (another Disney ICPer) arrived. We then went through security and straight onto the plane to Gatwick. The flight was rather uneventful, except for me and Karyn chatting away the whole time. Once we arrived at Gatwick within minutes I heard my name being shouted by some other ICPers who recognised me from facebook (and probably from my Disney hoodie). I went to have breakfast with all the girls at wetherspoons where I had some pancakes and bacon which tasted like rubber (mmmm nice).

After breakfast we made our way to the gate to board the flight, we met up with some more Disney people at the gate. In total I think there was about 12 of us, and most of us managed to get seats in a big group on the plane. After take off I tried to watch some films but was either too excited or tired to concentrate, so had a wee nap instead. Later on in the flight Gabriella made one of her wonderful vlogs which was rather amusing seeing and featuring in :D woooo I'm famous now lol! Once we landed the air hostess wished all the new Disney cast members good luck on the microphone for whole plane to hear :D We all cheered! haha Too cool.

After landing and going through immigration all the Disney people from our flight, 20ish people from the virgin flight and loads more were taking into this room to be "investigated". We had all our documents and passports removed and were told to wait. After about two hours I was finally free to leave. I made my way to get the bus to Vista Way ( one of the cast members accommodation). On arrival we were given introduction packs and the keys to our apartments. To most of our surprise, instead of being put in with people who had all arrived the same day most of us, we ended up being the only new ones in an apartment full of people who had been here for months. I am in Vista Way in a 6 bed apartment.  I still have not quite figured out who is all living here, one girl I think moved out, one is moving out in a few weeks time, one moves out in august and the girl in my bedroom I thought moved out in august but I think has gone on holiday as I have not seen her to 3 days!

Made a quick trip to Walmart  (the busiest shop in the WHOLE WORLD I think lol) with my flight buddy Danni to get a phone, pillow, hairdryer, some crap hair straighteners that DO NOT WORK, some food and juice etc. Was so tired at this point and walking round like a zombie my food shop consisted of a bag of crisps, frosted corn flakes and some margarine...NICE!!! Got a taxi back to Vista with 2 Canadians who were very nice and ended up paying :D. Went to bed (not sleep due to my housemates ridiculously loud TV and screaming in spanish). Eventually went to sleep!


In the morning I had a housing registration meeting, where I showed a bunch of forms, got my housing I.D card and was told how much my apartment would cost $80 a week ( the cheapest out the lot) Bargain!!! Later that afternoon I had a housing meeting all about the rules and be honest I don't remember what it was about but all I do know is "YOU MUST BE 21 TO DRINK ALCOHOL". If this was mentioned once it was mentioned 100 times. I think I understand now! I also found out I would be life guarding at the All Stars Resort!

At night I met with some of the girls and got the bus to downtown Disney to have dinner. 

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe which was brilliant, although it was so late by the time the food came we were all half asleep and not hungry anymore.

I had a doggy bag for most of my dinner and microwaved it the next day for lunch! Straight home and into bed. (No noise tonight :D)


On Tuesday morning I had a quick meeting at Vista about my role as a lifeguard, explaining about my swim test and also when I would have traditions training. This took about 10 minutes. Afterwards I went to the pool with Joanne, Danni, Melissa, Kirsten and Kirsty, and spoke to loads of other people there.  Was so nice, sun shining, just chilling, Amazing!!! At 5.30 I had to leave to go to Mickeys retreat (a cast member retreat with pools, and recreation activities for my swim test. I met some other girls who were all going to be working at the water parks and didn't understand how they were allowed to lifeguard deep water pools in the water parks and how I had shallow water at a resor when I was the one with lifeguard experience. I decided to ask some recreation cast member is how the convo went...

me- excuse me. I was just wondering if you could explain how you allocate the locations for lifeguards?
her- its just where we need people and also recruiters recommendations
me-oh right its just that I don't understand why I am life guarding shallow water and have loads of experience and the girls over there are at the deep water parks and have none.
her- eh oh well em well you see em well they might not be deep
me- there sheet says they are, is there no chance I can change or even pick up shifts there
her- no sorry you can't change and i don't now if you are allowed to go from resort to water parks
me- mmmm well i think the allocation methods are a bit backwards if you ask me. thanks!

Haha sounds so cheeky now, but I have such a big gob couldn't keep my mouth shut lol.

Anyway I went into the pool for my 200 yard swim, 2 minute hand free tread and picking up a brick from the deepest part of the pool. I was trying so hard and did better that I thought I could and PASSED :D

I then went back to vista and hung out with the girls.


On Wednesday I got up at 8am and went to the gym with Kirsten and Joanne, before having a few hours at the pool. In the afternoon I had traditions at the Disney university.

Traditions is a class where you learn a little about the history of Walt Disney, the parks, cast member information and loads of amazing things. Mickey mouse came in with a present for us all.....

Our name tags

We also went on a cast members only tour of the magic kingdom.......its all top secret stuff but was pretty cool :D

One other really exciting part of the day was receiving this piece of paper.....

This was my work schedule.....and it said I was now working at TYPHOON LAGOON!!!!!!!
This proves it pays to be a brat and moan and ask to get moved :D

We also got our staff cards which not only lets you clock in but lets you into the parks for free......So at night me and the girls went to the magic kingdom! We managed to goon splash mountain where Joanne and I got very wet, the haunted mansion and space mountain! Pretty amazing.....

Great day!!!!


On Thursday I was back at the University for a welcome to recreation meeting 8.30-17.00......the longest and most boring day ever. I won't bore you with the details 1-because its soooooooooo boring and 2- cause it was so boring I don't remember what I actually did! I do know they tried to get me to have some kind of injection which i refused and that the trainer Lady was actually crazy leaping about the room.....annoying!!

At night went to applebees for tea with Danni, Kirsten, Melissa and Suzie. Had fish and chips but the fish was poop......can't do it like the British can they! Then went back to Joanne's apartment where her flatmate organised some ann summers style party. After politely excusing ourselves we all went and chilled outside till some American kid Tyler joined us.....we then all again politely excused ourself and went to our apartments. Had some chats with my flatmate (I don't actually know what her name is lol, but shes funny), asked me if I knew what bananas were haha......hard to believe you get them in Scotland haha!

Today I had my first of three days of lifeguard training at Mickey's retreat. Most of the things were learnt were so different to life guarding in the UK......the Americans like the approach just jump in all the we did some water training in the morning. Then afternoon did some cpr training, got our hip packs with personal whistles and pocket masks for mouth to mouth if we ever need them, and did some other stuff. Came back to Vista to find that my friend Danni is having to go home tomorrow to England :( We decided to go to hooter for her last night. Was good food and really myself a few t shirts as you do :) Also tonight had a MASSIVE rain storm the place was flooding, pretty mental but any excuse to whip out the Disney ponchos

After tea we got a taxi back to Vista and I said bye to Danni as I will miss seeing her leave tomorrow because of training. So gutted she has to go but have had such a good time with her this week and hopefully we can stay in touch!

Anyway better get to sleep as have to be up early for work in the morning and have been typing this up for like a hour.........if you managed to read this far through well done and thanks. I will hopefully manage to update at some point next week.