Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Flights .....

Well today I finally booked my flights :)

I am flying British Airways from Edinburgh going via Gatwick on the 19th of June. My flight arrives in Orlando before 4pm so it gives me plenty of time to get some shopping in and get in the pool!!!

I will be staying until the 15th of September as my mum, dad and sister are coming for a holiday. We will be staying at Old Key West Resort, Bay Lake Towers and Royal Pacific Resort (Universal hotel).
                                                                     OLD KEY WEST


                                                          ROYAL PACIFIC HOTEL


Thursday, 16 December 2010

The countdown begins.....

OK so it has been two weeks since I found out I am going to Disney and I have literally not stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen, regardless if they want to or not :) So Since I found out I have had to complete a Criminal check form to make sure I am well behaved, which obviously I am. 55 quid it costs ....My Christmas present to myself yay!

Also been looking at flights which again will be my birthday and Xmas present to myself for 20 years, totally worth it though. Planning going B.A from Edinburgh via Gatwick and think I may have found, as Woody would say, "A moving buddy". :) Just going to wait until B.A hopefully have a sale on Xmas day to see if I can get a bargain.

On Tuesday I had a online meeting with someone from the Yummy Jobs office in Canada. About 20 ICP people logged on, some with microphones, a bit like Skype so I am told. We were basically told all the important things we had to do before we go, things to bring with us and what would happen when we arrive in Orlando. We were also told to read the documents that had been uploaded on our Yummy Job accounts, which included a step by step guide of everything we had to do before arriving and about applying for a Visa. I am going to be busy, that's all I'm saying!!!!

In between writing my uni essays I have been on the ICP facebook group chatting to all the other ICP people, just getting to know who everyone is, what role they will be doing and when they are heading to Disney. It has been really good to chat to people who are just as excited as me......makes me more excited.

Anyway that's all for now folks ;)  xxxx

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The waiting game......

So with the Aberdeen interviews being the first this meant the longest wait for the decision. I had become a member on WDWIP ( a website for applicants of all the Disney Programs) and began talking to other applicants about when we would hear back from Disney. Everyday we were convinced we would hear, then it would be the next day, then the next...... I must have refreshed my emails almost every 5 minutes for the last two weeks in November.

On the 1st of December as I left for work I had a Facebook message from Juliane to say the emails were in! I quickly checked my email on my phone, but didn't have one :( After what seemed like the longest swimming lesson I had ever taught in my life I checked my phone again and............

Dear Rebecca,

We hope you enjoyed the recent interviews, and we would like to thank you once again for your attendance. On behalf of the Walt Disney World Representatives and all here at Yummy Jobs we would like to say how great it was to meet you.

I am delighted to have been given the “go-ahead” to be the first to say…..


You have been offered a role on Disney’s Summer Work Experience
From:  June 19th 2011  To:  September 2nd 2011

Your role in the show will be in Lifeguard

Face to Face Interview

On the 30th of October I got another emailing from Yummy Jobs....

Dear Rebecca

Many thanks for taking time in the pre-screen interview for the Walt Disney
World International Programs.  We were impressed by your performance and
are delighted to invite you to the next interview stage.

Your interview will be held on Monday November 8th 2010 at the
Robert Gordon University, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7QG
– Room 226 in the Business School.

Before the interview I had to complete an online application form, get forms signed by my uni and look out 101 documents to prove I was in fact Rebecca Ripley. When I say I looked out the forms I mean my dad did :) 

On the morning of the interview I arrived at Robert Gordons about 9.40 dressed to impress in my suit. At 10am a presentation about the program was given by Jill, the Disney World recruiter who came all the way from Florida. We watched a very cheesy video about the program and the participants. One guy who was just sooooo thrilled to be a Disney and he loved how his apartment came with its own POTS AND PANS...woooooooooo!!!!!!

After the presentation I was given my interview time, 13.20. Until then I sat with a few other applicants and completed the role checklist. This involved deciding which roles we were interested in doing and rating our preferences. I ticked 8 boxes out of about 12, ( didn't really fancy bell service much lol).

Nearer my interview time, I went to sit outside the room with the other applicants and showed the Yummy Jobs team all my paper work. After that, I met the guy who would be getting interviewed at the same time as me. I forget his name (sorry). We were interviewed by Jill who gave the presentation in the morning. She seem so enthusiastic about meeting us and had the biggest Disney smile on her face the whole time we were in the room. She took it in turns to ask why we thought we would be suitable to work for Disney, tell her about past work experience and explain what roles we had selected and why. That was it!!!!!!!!!! We were only in for about 10 minutes.

It was hard to tell how I had done but I had my fingers crossed some magic would be coming my way soon !

Phone Interview

Well after waiting for AGES on the 29th of September I logged into my email account to find this.....

Dear Rebecca

We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to a telephone interview. To continue, please login to your Yummy Jobs account and follow the instructions to choose a suitable date and time for you.

 We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
The Yummy Jobs Team

Well after phoning my Mum, I went straight on to the Yummy Jobs site to pick a interview time. The sooner the better I thought, so I selected 3pm on the 5th of October.

On the day of the interview I was nervous, but so excited. I sat staring at my phone for about twenty minutes before 3pm. 3.02PM and my phone finally rang. I was interviewed by Hannah from Yummy Job. She was very friendly and explained it was just an informal chat to find out a little bit more about myself. After confirming a few details she asked me a number of questions...
-Why I wanted to do the program
-What I knew about the program already
-What roles interested me on the program
-To explain about a time where I had to deal with a difficult customer and how I dealt with the situation.
-If I had any tattoos or piercings
-If I would manage working in extreme heat
-If I would mind sharing accommodation with people from different countries.

Finally she asked if I had any questions and explained that I would hear back after they had interviewed all the applicants.

The wait began again......xx

Application Process

Working in Disney World was on the wish list for as long as I can remember. My last visit in Dec 09/ Jan 10 gave me the final boost to research more about the program and apply. Having read all about the program on the College Program website and other peoples blogs, I knew it was for me.

In June I submitted my application on the Yummy Jobs Website ( the company that help Disney interview the applicants from the UK). I attached my C.V and a covering letter explaining why I wanted to work for Disney, and why I believed I would make the perfect "Cast Member". I explained that having been to Disney World myself on holiday that the simple things the cast members do in their everyday job can make a families holiday and I would love to be given the opportunity to replicate this for someone elses family :) I know it sounds cheesy, but it must have work ;).


Disney ICP

Hey guys :)

Before the journey begins I will tell you a bit about the Disney ICP for those who don't know! The ICP- International College Program is a program for students all over the world to work in Disney World Florida for 3 months in the summer. There is a variety of different roles you can be selected to do. These include.....
-Quick service food and Beverage
-House Keeping
-And many more.

All ICP participants will live in one of four staff complexes complete with swimming pools and sports facilities. They will also work long, hard shifts ( up to 60 hours a week) and get paid peanuts! But who cares its in Florida and its all about the experience!