Sunday, 12 December 2010

Application Process

Working in Disney World was on the wish list for as long as I can remember. My last visit in Dec 09/ Jan 10 gave me the final boost to research more about the program and apply. Having read all about the program on the College Program website and other peoples blogs, I knew it was for me.

In June I submitted my application on the Yummy Jobs Website ( the company that help Disney interview the applicants from the UK). I attached my C.V and a covering letter explaining why I wanted to work for Disney, and why I believed I would make the perfect "Cast Member". I explained that having been to Disney World myself on holiday that the simple things the cast members do in their everyday job can make a families holiday and I would love to be given the opportunity to replicate this for someone elses family :) I know it sounds cheesy, but it must have work ;).


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